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Eggland's Best Faces a Lawsuit Regarding Its Claims About the Saturated Fat Content In Its Eggs

On March 13, Reuters reported that Eggland's Best, a major U.S. egg producer, is facing a lawsuit alleging false advertising regarding the saturated fat content in its eggs.


Richard Vilchis filed a proposed class action in federal court in Chicago, contesting Eggland's Best's claim on its packaging that its eggs contain "25% less saturated fat than regular eggs." Vilchis, represented by attorney P. Renee Wicklund from Richman Law & Policy, accuses Eggland's Best of deceptive marketing practices.

Independent testing conducted by Anresco Laboratories revealed that Eggland's Best eggs actually contain 2.84 grams of saturated fat per 50-gram serving, contradicting the advertised claim. This misrepresentation could mislead consumers like Vilchis into paying more under the false belief that Eggland's Best eggs are healthier. The complaint seeks unspecified damages for purchasers under Illinois consumer fraud and deceptive trade practices laws.


Eggland's Best, a cooperative, defended its claims, citing rigorous quality control measures, while Cal-Maine Foods, a member of the cooperative, did not comment immediately. Saturated fats, naturally present in various foods, including meats and dairy, can elevate cholesterol levels and pose heart disease risks.


The American Heart Association advises limiting saturated fat intake to no more than 6% of daily caloric intake. Eggland's Best has a history of regulatory scrutiny; in 1996, it paid a $100,000 civil fine to settle claims with the Federal Trade Commission regarding cholesterol-related marketing assertions.


The lawsuit is filed as Vilchis v Eggland's Best Inc et al in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois under case No. 24-02073.

Source: Reuters

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