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May 2023

Vodka with Whipped Cream For a Florida Lady, Not So Sweet In connection with Fake Insurance Claims


    An Orlando-area lady who reportedly submitted bogus insurance claims may have had her just reward in the form of a broken bottle of vodka laced with whipped cream.


    Anita Jovic of Seminole County, Florida, was charged with insurance fraud and other offences on Thursday, according to Florida officials. Jovic had claimed that a shattered bottle of Pinnacle vodka in the whipped cream flavor had severely injured her hand.

    According to a news release from Florida's chief financial officer, the woman sent a photo and a fake hospital bill to Broadspire, a workers' compensation and health insurance firm with offices in Georgia. Under the name Annette Jobita, another claim was submitted to the booze producer Beam Suntory.


    According to CFO Jimmy Patronis, Broadspire found numerous parallels between the two claims and informed the state Department of Financial Services' investigative unit.


    An inquiry revealed that Jovic had attempted to defraud Beam Suntory, Broadspire, and Travelers Insurance of more than $30,000 by filing five product liability claims under various bogus names. Between 2017 and 2022, she got settlement payments totaling about $13,000, according to the DFS statement.


    Jovic surrendered to the Seminole County Sheriff's Office this week.

    From: Insurance Claims Journal

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