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The 10 Safest Cities In The U.S.

MoneyGeek recently conducted a comprehensive analysis of FBI data on violent and property crimes in over 300 cities across the United States, aiming to identify the safest and most dangerous places. The study focused on large cities with populations exceeding 300,000.

In large cities, the average cost of crime per capita was found to be $3,325, marking a significant 74% increase compared to the average for medium-sized cities. According to MoneyGeek's findings, the title of the safest large city in the United States goes to Irvine, California, boasting a crime cost of $364 per capita. Following closely are Henderson, Nevada; Virginia Beach, Virginia; Honolulu, Hawaii; and El Paso, Texas.

On the other end of the spectrum, the report highlighted that among the 15 most dangerous places, 10 were large cities. Birmingham, Alabama claimed the unfortunate distinction of being the most dangerous city, with a staggering crime cost per capita of $11,392. The violent crime rate in Birmingham was reported to be 1,682 incidents per 100,000 residents. The remaining top five most dangerous cities included New Orleans, Louisiana; St. Louis, Missouri; Detroit, Michigan; and Memphis, Tennessee.

It is crucial to acknowledge that crime imposes various costs on both individuals and local economies. These costs encompass expenses such as victim medical and mental health care, property damage, law enforcement and corrections expenditures, as well as increased insurance rates for homeowners, renters, and auto coverages. The impact of crime extends beyond immediate safety concerns, affecting the overall well-being of communities and their economic vitality.

In examining the factors contributing to the cost of crime, MoneyGeek's report emphasized that crime generates a multitude of expenses, extending beyond the immediate financial burden on individuals. Victim medical and mental health care expenses play a significant role in the overall cost, reflecting the long-term impact on those affected by criminal incidents. The need for medical treatment and psychological support can strain both individuals and the healthcare system.

Property damage represents another substantial component of the cost of crime. Incidents such as burglary and motor vehicle theft contribute to the financial strain on individuals and communities. Repairing or replacing damaged property requires resources and adds to the economic consequences of criminal activities.

Moreover, the costs associated with law enforcement and corrections contribute significantly to the overall financial impact. Police resources are expended in investigating and addressing crimes, and corrections costs arise from the incarceration and rehabilitation of offenders. These expenses are part of the broader societal effort to maintain public safety.

Additionally, the report highlighted that the financial implications of crime extend to insurance coverages. Homeowners, renters, and auto insurance rates often experience increases in areas with higher crime rates. This reflects the insurance industry's assessment of risk, as the likelihood of claims rises in regions with elevated crime levels. Consequently, residents may face higher premiums, adding another layer to the economic consequences of living in areas prone to crime.

In conclusion, the cost of crime is a complex and multifaceted issue, encompassing not only direct financial burdens on individuals but also broader societal impacts. Understanding these costs is essential for implementing effective strategies to address and mitigate the various aspects of criminal activity in communities across the United States.




1. Thouand Oaks, CA - Cost of crime per capita:      $241

2. Fishers, IN - Cost of crime per capita:                      $296

3. Pembrook Pines, FL - Cost of crime per capita:  $322

4. Pearland, TX - Cost of crime per capita:                 $328

5. Gilbert, AZ - Cost of crime per capita:                     $356

6. Irvine, CA - Cost of crime per capita:                       $364

7. Coral Springs, FL - Cost of crime per capita:        $375

8. Naperville, IL - Cost of crime per capita:                $402

9. Simi Valley, CA - Cost of crime per capital:           $404

10. Carmel, IN - Cost of crime per capita:                   $405

Source; PropertyCasualty360

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