New Smoke Detector Ordinance for the

City of Chicago

Chicago’s oldest residential buildings would be required to install smoke detectors with 10-year batteries under a watered-down ordinance advanced last week Tuesday after changes were made to ease the burden on homeowners squeezed by the pandemic. Notable changes are:

  • Apartment building owners are required to install the new detectors by Jan. 1, 2022. 

  • Owners may not pass the responsibility to install 10-year battery life smoke detectors onto the tenant.  

  • The ordinance doubles fines for building owners that fail to provide a required smoke alarm, smoke detector, or carbon monoxide detector to $1,000 per violation.  

  • Owner-occupied buildings are exempt from the fines until 2033, as long as they have working devices in the building. 

For more information, the below link provides more detail:
chicago smoke detector ordinance  




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