December 2022

Interesting Facts (pt.2)
There’s only one place in the U.S. where four states meet.

    Want to try being in four places at once? Then get thee to the aptly named Four Corners Monument, which marks the intersection of Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico.


    Given that there are 65 locations where three states meet, the fact that it is the only place in America where so many states converge is astounding. Contrary to popular belief, surveyors disagreed on the precise location of the quadripoint, which is the term for the location where four territories converge. Some claimed that due to modifications made to the technical reference systems employed for various surveys, the quadripoint should have been about 2,000 feet to the west. The issue wasn't finally resolved until a 1925 Supreme Court case.

    Considering that the borders were initially surveyed in the years following the Civil War, the resolution of the conflict took an extraordinarily long time. The Four Corners monument also marks the meeting point of the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe's and the Navajo Nation's territories, marking more than simply state lines. The monument itself is somewhat unassuming, with the seals of the four states gathered here in freedom under God inscribed on a granite disk surrounded by a cement pad. You can have a different limb in Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico, depending on how you spread out on that disk.


    • The largest Native American group is the Navajo Nation.

    • Arizona is the Four Corners state with the most residents.


    • 4,870 feet is the Four Corners' elevation.


    • Tribes of Native Americans with federal recognition: 574

    • 250,000 people visit the Four Corners monument each year.

    • Twelve members of the Augustine Band of Cahuilla Indians, one of the smallest tribal groups with federal recognition: 12

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