A Peek At Your Fitbit For A Better Insurance Rate?

Fitness Tracker

How many steps one takes in a day. One’s resting heartbeat. Their calorie consumption. How fast they drive.

Such are some of the data 69% of consumers say they would share on their health, exercise and driving habits in exchange for discounts on their insurance, according to a study released by Accenture.

Based on a survey of more than 47,000 consumers globally, that number is up from the 2019 survey, which found that 58% would give insurers access to the information.

In addition, 66% of consumers said they would also share significant data for personalized services to prevent injury and loss — up from 54% in the 2019 report.

However, concerns about intrusiveness and its impact on premiums have grown and their confidence in their insurers’ ability to look after their data has diminished, according to the report that found that only 32% of consumers revealed they significantly trust insurers to look after their data, down from 40% in the 2019 report.

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