Successful insurance brokerage firms realize the long-term success of any company depends on both profitability and protection from key risk exposures. At Lambent Risk Management, we invest the time and effort to understand every facet of your business in order to help you and your team identify business exposures and review your risk management programs.  We evaluate your practices and resources in “real world” conditions.  Our solutions come from understanding your unique needs.  

Today's dynamic insurance environment demands expertise to control and manage your cost of risk – much of your exposure cannot be covered by an insurance policy. What is your broker doing to address your loss control, cost containment, OSHA compliance and contractual transfer needs?


Lambent Risk Management is known in the property-casualty insurance community for providing a high level of service and expertise to its customers. We have specialized resources specific to your industry, working with insurance carriers to ensure their coverages are meeting expectations and protecting against all potential exposures.