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Job Interview

February 2023

    Job Interview
    The 10 most challenging office discussions, Including "Can I Get A Raise?"

    Numerous workers have turned to the internet for advice on what to do when the need arises because starting any form of conversation at work may be highly stressful.

    The Global HR Solutions company Remote recently examined Google search data to see what topics employees were looking for the most help with online — and how businesses could make the process simpler for them. These topics ranged from confronting a coworker to acknowledging when they've erred.

    According to a news release from Nadia Vatalidis, vice president of people at Remote, "difficult talks at work are bound to come up from time to time." "Instead of avoiding the topic and making a problem worse, all team members should be urged to take proactive measures to resolve issues. Leaders should make an effort to develop an atmosphere at work where honesty and open communication are valued so that these types of conversations won't feel as difficult in the future."

    Conversations with their managers regarding pay and vacation time cause employees the most anxiety. The most frequently asked work-related question, with an average of 8,100 people searching, was how to ask for a raise. In 2022, there will be nearly twice as many searches for "how to ask for a pay raise" as there will be for "how to inform your boss you're unwell," which came in second with an average of 2,900 searches per month.

    Additionally, workers find it difficult to bring up workplace bullying and to communicate their experiences with management. The top 10 topics included "how to provide bad feedback," "how to report bullying at work," "how to report unfair treatment at work," and "how to talk to your supervisor about exhaustion."

    To enable this culture of direct communication, Vatalidis stated that regular one-on-one meetings with direct subordinates are a crucial first step. "Make sure there is a designated safe location for all team members to have these challenging conversations."

    Check out the queries that employees are seeking the most assistance with:

    How can you request a wage raise?
    8,100 Google searches each month

    How do you inform your supervisor that you are ill?
    Google searches per month: 2,900

    How can I provide unfavorable criticism?
    Google searches per month: 720 What should you say on your first day of work?

    How to complain unfair treatment at work receives 720 monthly Google searches.
    590 searches on Google for "what to say to someone leaving a job" a month

    How to report bullying at work?

    480 monthly Google searches.

    What to say to your manager about burnout?

    Google searches per month: 320


    What should I tell a departing employee?
    Google searches per month: 320

    What to say when you make a mistake at work?

    Google searches per month: 260

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