Brokerage & Consulting
We specialize in a wide variety of services and lines of coverage, including:
Alternative Risk Tranfer & Captives
Health & Welfare
Alternative Risk Transfer (ART) is a means of using techniques other than traditional insurance and reinsurance to provide your business with coverage. As a strategic enterprise risk management process, ART can blend traditional insurance and reinsurance with forms of self-funding. Our team understands every aspect of ART and every structure available through alternative risk options. This includes markets and regulatory requirements, management, underwriting and loss control in order to identify the best option for your organization and circumstances.
We find solutions that can betailored to your specific needs, and offer benefits beyond traditional insurance plans, including:

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Investment income and underwriting profit
  • Broader coverage
  • Pricing and coverage stability
  • Direct reinsurer access
  • Improved service
  • Increased control
  • Immediate financial reward for reducing loss
  • Enhanced risk management perspective
  • Fewer regulatory restrictions
It will come as no surprise to any business owner or high-level manager, that the world is changing rapidly.  The challenge of providing an effective and cost-efficient employee benefits program is especially critical now, as the compliance requirements of ACA (the acronym for health care reform) are codified.  That said, your current and future employees will evaluate your work environment and opportunity through the provision of an employee benefit program. The most important aspect of a program is clear, concise, and regular communication – explaining not only the benefits but the mechanics of the program. Having a knowlegeable consultant available to your human resources staff and employees will serve to remove the mystery, which too often promotes the assumption that the company is reducing the quality of your program.
International Placement
Human Resouce Services
As the global economic landscape continues to evolve, bringing with it are many complex challenges and changing risks. By securing comprehensive coverage and delivering innovative solutions that help protect against potentially major losses, Lambent's team of specialists can provide you with risk transfer solutions, benchmarking, and claims advocacy. We work closely with you to provide tailored international placement options that suit your businesses risks and exposures. We have a deep understanding of industry challenges and we can innovate, customize, design, and place insurance programs with international insurers.
Our team of insurance brokers combine their comprehensive portfolio experience and in-depth knowledge of our clients’ risks, with the ability to have negotiations with decision makers to prioritize which insurers to approach in which international market hub.
We drive price and coverage by putting international and domestic insurers into competition and by differentiating risks; whether you are a strategic insurance buyer, exposed to natural catastrophes, buying large property damage and/or third party liability limits due to the nature of your operations, or have an adverse claims experience.
Lambent Risk Management can assist you with all your human resource needs. Whether you are looking for legislative information, employee communications, industry-related websites or consumer-related health care information, we have it readily available for you in one convenient location.

  • Compliance- Looking for quick answers to tough legislative questions? Our Compliance section has the answers you need.
  • Documents on Command- When you need to access information fast, our Documents on Command section provides instant access to a library of downloadable articles covering a variety of topics—right when you need them.
  • HealthShop - Do you need professional-looking newsletters to give to your employees? No problem. With HealthShop you have access to comprehensive consumer information in ready-to-print newsletters.
Medical Claims Auditing
Our audit team works to ensure the accuracy of your employees claims. The end result is the potential cost savings for your organization. To accomplish this, we examine negotiated rates with health care providers, medical plans and the benefits they allow, payment information, eligibility criteria, whether services were performed in network, and the turnaround time of claims. We try to identify trends in claims errors and make recommendations about how to prevent errors. Our team of auditors are experienced in claims processing and medical coding, utilizing CPT, ICD-9 and other coding systems in the medical billing process. Unlike that of conventional coders, however, our team places stronger emphasis on compliance and regulatory standards.
This means that we focus not only on processing medical claims, but also on making sure that those claims are processed accurately and according to government standards.
The reinsurance business is evolving. In the past, reinsurance transactions were between two insurance entities: the primary insurer that sold the original insurance policies and the reinsurer. Most still are. Primary insurers and reinsurers can share both the premiums and losses, or reinsurers may assume the primary company’s losses above a certain dollar limit in return for a fee. However, today risks of various kinds, particularly of natural disasters, are now being sold by insurers and reinsurers to institutional investors in the form of catastrophe bonds and other alternative risk-spreading mechanisms.  With our breadth and depth of expertise — from catastrophe to construction, aviation to agriculture, and power to political risks, our expert generalists offer capabilities across the property, casualty, specialty and marine & energy spectrum and we can offer structured and complex multi-year products, including retail risk financing plans, to meet each client’s requirements.